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About Our Research

General overview

The Kalin Lab combines molecular, preclinical animal models, and human functional imaging studies to understand the neurobiological mechanisms underlying anxiety and mood disorders.

A Look at Child Anxiety:

It’s normal to feel nervous sometimes, but if it causes you to miss out on things you enjoy, it may be a problem. Anxiety during childhood is very common, with as many as 1 out of 8 kids experiencing problems with anxiety. The Kalin Lab works with preadolescent children with various levels of anxiety, using behavioral and brain imaging methods to understand the neurobiological mechanisms underlying individual variations in feelings of anxiety. These studies are particularly important because significant anxiety earlier in life may be a risk factor for adult anxiety.

Want to find out more? Check out the videos below to see a real life example of Tess, who received treatment to help with her anxiety.

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Tess and her Struggles:

Tess Gets Help:

Tess and Research:

Animal Studies of Anxious Temperament:

Watch a video of Dr. Kalin describing the lab’s research on non-human primates and how it relates to their studies on anxiety in children.