Mason Krueger

Know Your Emotions Study Coordinator, Associate Research Specialist

Since late 2018 Mason has been apart of the Kalin Lab. Initially working as research associate, his current position in the lab includes being the research coordinator for the longitudinal RISK study that investigates the biological underpinnings of anxiety disorders in preadolescent girls.

Prior to being a research coordinator for the Kalin Lab, Mason also worked as a research associate at the University of Wisconsin’s psychiatry department under Dr. Erin Costanzo. This work examined the biological, social, and psychological implications of cancer patients receiving bone marrow transplants.

Mason graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (B.A. 2019) double majoring in psychology and philosophy. His research interests include healthy psychology, interventions and the usage of behavioral medicine as treatment to improve upon the wellbeing of clinical populations such as those with anxiety or depression. In the future Mason would like to attend a doctoral program in clinical or counseling psychology.