Olivia Shaffer

ABLE Study Coordinator, Associate Research Specialist


I am the study coordinator for the Adaptive Brains Learning about Emotions study (ABLE), a multisite project involving collaboration between UW-Madison, Vanderbilt University, and the National Institute of Mental Health. The purpose of the study is to investigate and understand the early life factors that contribute to the development of childhood anxiety disorders, with the ultimate goal being to develop new treatments for childhood anxiety. The study involves clinical assessments, neuroimaging, and physiological measures. My role consists of scheduling and running study sessions, coordinating with our multisite collaborators, analyzing scientific data, and supervising undergraduate research assistants.

I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from Macalester College. My primary research interests include etiological and risk factors implicated in the development of mood and anxiety disorders, as well as therapeutic interventions aimed to improve these disorders. I plan to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.