Diversity, Inclusion and Antiracism

Statement on Diversity, Inclusion and Antiracism – from the entire Kalin Laboratory

As scientists and clinicians, we strive to ensure that the diversity of our communities is reflected in our workplace and in our research. Recent events have brought to our collective awareness the impacts of racism and violence against Black individuals. It is imperative that we acknowledge the reprehensible history of medicine, psychiatry, and our society in perpetuating systemic racism. We must do better. In unequivocal terms, we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and commit to taking concrete steps to start addressing these issues on both a personal and institutional level. Our aim is to build an awareness of the stigmas and unique nuances associated with mental health in different communities of color, gender, and class, along with other intersectional groups, to improve research for and treatments within these communities. We will work towards these goals by: 1) openly discussing and dismantling our own subconscious biases; 2) engaging and mentoring Black and underrepresented minority youth beginning early in their education; and 3) proactively diversifying our research environment, including our research team and study participants.